Enjoy a terrace on the ‘Eiermarkt’…

The ‘Eiermarkt’ is the place to be for the young crowd. Especially in the week-end this is a very popular square. I recently discovered that’s it’s also nice to sit there on a terrace during the day and early evening. One of the nice places to visit is  Het Hof van Rembrandt.

You can easily pass a few hours on this terrace, which is heated as well. The view of passing by tourists, busy people of Bruges or school kids is for free. On the menucard you have a wide range of beers from draft and also a nice selection of Trappist beers.

During or after trying out a few beers, it’s sensible to have some bites to eat. You can order a pack of french fries or a croque monsieur, as we did yesterday. You get two big croque monsieur’s with 2 kinds of cheese, ham and a nice salad (€11) or an egg omelet with french fries (€13). You also have a choice of different kinds of pasta, salads and snacks.

The service is very good, friendly, quick, people like working here. The nice atmosphere is another reason to sit down, enjoy a sunny day. You get a sense of summer holiday in your own town.

Het Hof van Rembrandt

Eiermarkt 10

8000 Brugge

+32(0)50 33 74 50

open every day starting from 11h

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