Breakfast in SHL


At a party, some friends gave us a gift voucher for a breakfast at SHL (Sweet Home Lunch), a lunch place at the Gistelsesteenweg in Sint Andries. It’s often crowded over there and we tried to make a reservation a couple of times without any success.

Last Saturday we were able to reserve a table and at around 9 o’clock we were sitting on high chairs, looking over a busy road through the window.

Our voucher was worth a “Long Island” breakfast, which costs €14,95 per person. You can choose for two cheaper and one more expensive breakfast with a glass of champagne as well.

A “Long Island” exists out of coffee, fresh orange juice, speculoospaste, jam, ham, cheese, a boiled egg, brown bread, a white bread roll, two pastries, a fruit salad and yogurt. So generous we couldn’t eat it all. Everything was tasty and fresh, bread and pastries are baked in the kitchen, the ham was probably almost fully carved, because the slices were a bit smaller and there was more fat on it than usual. There’s no specific children breakfast, Marieke choose from the menu a boiled egg with bread and a fresh orange juice.

The place was crowded and is fully furnished in country style and abundantly decorated. At the moment, everything was Christmas-themed. The decoration was for sale as well, everything had a price tag. Next to the bar, there’s a counter with pastries and in the afternoon they are probably replaced by pies. In the afternoon you can have a lunch as well. In the evening they are closed.

The service is smooth, but sometimes a bit distant. But it was crowded and everybody loves to be served like a king, even on a lazy Saturday…

Anyway, it is a great place with a tasty breakfast, full of fresh products. Thanks Jonas and Christie!

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