Happy with HAP!


HAP, situated in “Zilverpand”, is easy accessible. The place is not huge, but definitely cosy. You can choose your own seat at the table, or in a nice little corner in one of the vintage seats. But first you have to order at the bar. Choosing is not easy, because there are a lot of options on the blackboards, and you definitely want to taste it all! Everything can be ‘take away’, the service is smooth and you don’t have to wait long before your order is ready. In the meantime you can read in the newspaper or a book.


I’ve been twice at HAP and I’ve always enjoyed it a lot. The preparations are fresh, and the portions are, especially the salads, generous. The other time, I ate the sandwich Alexia, with tasty Italian ham, sweet tomato, arugula and a mayonnaise of truffle. Think of the fresh, still slightly warm sandwich, and you forget all the soggy, pre-fabricated ones of other sandwich bars.

You can go there for quiches, burgers, soup, and breakfast(sandwiches) as well. Nice detail: all the sandwiches have the name of friends and family of the owner.

This is definitely a nice place for a quick lunch where you get value for your money!

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