Homard de Fernand****, lobster on demand

Everybody knows the fish restaurant Breydel De Coninc in the Breydelstraat. It’s a well-established restaurant in Bruges and we went there once before. You can find our experiences of our visit there here. Recently, there opened a take out for lobsters, Homard de Fernand. Fernand refers to the name of the chef. Well, lobster is one of my favourites, so it didn’t take us long before we knocked on their door… The concept is very simple, you call during the opening hours (during lunch break or dinner time) and half an hour later you can take away your lobster. Only on Wednesdays they are closed, so no lobster for you on Wednesday!

You don’t have to rack your brain about the preparation, there’s only one, Belle Vue. You only have to choose the weight, 500 or 700g. The price is ok, €25 or €33. Lobster in the wholesale almost costs the same, and then you still have to make your own court-bouillon.

(there’s only half a lobster on the picture, when you order you always get an entire lobster)

When I arrived in the restaurant, my order was waiting for me, neatly packed in a bag, just like promised. Back home, we were impressed. Two perfectly cooked lobsters, two salads, slices of bread, butter and two sauces.

The lobster was, like I said, perfectly cooked, with a slightly spicy aftertaste. Nicely fleshy, the scissors already broken. There was fresh mayonnaise in a nice little bucket, just like the cocktail sauce.

It’s convenient that the lobster is packed in a plastic tray with a lid, so the juice can’t leak. We didn’t really miss a wet tissue to clean our hands, but it would have completed the package.

Homard de Fernand is a great addition to the restaurant, quality is assured and the price is decent. Perfect to surprise your girlfriend, though it may not be a Wednesday….

Homard de Fernand

Breidelstraat 24

8000 Brugge

0479/13 33 19

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