Mariloup***, cosy little restaurant

Last week Mariloup opened in the Wulfhagestraat, on the exact same spot as Gentile.

The building was thoroughly renovated, including the addition of a porch. The couple that is running the place, has made a switch in their life: they quitted their office job in order to realize their dreams in the world of food. The result is a restaurant managed with love that serves many regional products. Last week we were invited to eat breakfast, now we wanted some lunch. We would definitely recommend the breakfast: fresh bread rolls, cheese of Baliehof, tasty ham of Bruges, jams and a delicious egg right from the oven.



Next to the tasty breakfast items, you will find different lunch dishes on the menu, and in the afternoon waffles and pancakes as well. There’s a wide range of beers and some appetizers.
We chose a trio of croquettes and a croque Mariloup. For the croquettes, you have to choose: I went for the shrimp, Breydelhamp and mussels with white wine-croquette. They are served with a salad and a bread roll. Annemieke got a round, flat bread, with a creamy filling of cheese and ham, next to this flat bread there was an artisanal cheese croquette and a salad.

A tasty and simple lunch with quality products. For a dish with French fries you will have to wait a bit longer, since the owners are following a training course for cooks, pastas are already on the menu.

We drunk an espresso and a herb tea and payed €47,80. As aperitif we drunk a sparkling wine from the Monteberg and a Fort Lapin Dubbel.

The idea to serve a lot of regional products and to work together with different suppliers from our neighbourhood is original, the service is friendly. Great place to go for a small lunch, or to start your day with a rich breakfast.


Wulfhagestraat 3

8000 Brugge

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