Blackbird, a new bird in town

It wasn’t a surprise that a new breakfast and lunch place was opening at the Jan van Eyckplein after their intensive marketing campaign on social media. Everyday there was a novelty. Since last week everything is hatched out and the bird came out of the egg… Blackbird is the name, you will find the black bird everywhere in the interior. On the menu, the lightning and even the tea cups. The walls are black, the tables aren’t too close to each other and the chairs are comfortable. There are burning candles everywhere and the whole appears chic.

They definitely thought it through, it didn’t happen overnight. The English name will possibly encourage tourists to find their way to this place. The campaign on Facebook tried to convince the future customers, even if it was a bit overwhelming sometimes, but that probably has something to do with the enthusiasm of the owners…

The menu is limited and it is a wise decision to limit the required ingredients and incorporate them in different dishes. You can eat breakfast and lunch at Blackbird, and you are also welcome for a tea in the afternoon. There are some similar places in the neighbourhood so it will be a challenge to find their place in the market.

We went for breakfast and got the opportunity to choose from three different formulas, Essential (€12,50), Healthy (€17,50) and Special (€22,50).

A Special breakfast is served like tapas and is available from two persons.

We chose the Essential and the Healthy and got a full table. The Essential contained a pain au chocolat, a croissant, a bread roll, cheese, tasty ham and salami, jam, butter, orange juice and a coffee. Healthy contained the same, but added yoghurt, a boiled egg, a delicious and fresh fruit salad and various slices of bread. A detox tea made sure that it was healthy…

We made an effort to eat it all, but we didn’t succeed. A great start of the day! We aren’t sure that the orange juice was fresh, because we couldn’t find any fibres, or maybe they forgot to stir in the jug, that’s a possibility as well of course. The egg was broiling, and a bit too far, probably because they didn’t cool it. So far our  Statler en Waldorfmoment. J

We enjoyed our breakfast and the fact that it was still very quiet, Bruges was still waking up… We were the early Blackbirds…

The lunch with some salads and sandwiches caught our attention as well. When they are in line with the breakfast, they will be royal and made with ingredients of good quality.

Blackbird surprises with its stylish interior and well considered concept, the service is warm-hearted and the portions are amply sufficient. We payed €30 for two persons, everything has its price.



Jan van Eyckplein 7

8000 Brugge

0471/67 98 31

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