Marco Polo Noodles***, fresh and tasty

A while ago, in the Katelijnestraat, a noodle bar opened. We didn’t have one in Bruges so far, and it is a lovely alternative to the large amount of friteries that are recently coming out of nowhere. The name is Marco Polo, referring to the explorer who visited China and Mongolia. Two Chinese ladies are cooking and they just love to serve you. The kitchen has a large stove which is the beating heart of the bar. You will find different soups with meat, shrimps, chicken, vegetarian,… on the menu. We chose for the meat and the chicken and ordered some spring rolls and soy beans to ease the waiting. Especially the soy beans were remarkably tasty.

The soup is served in large bowls, so you will get a generous portion, a decent meal. The flavour is tasty, everything is freshly made and the soup meat has a lovely taste.

Because the soup is made on the spot, you won’t get a soft mash, but tasty, crunchy vegetables, and perfectly cooked noodles. You will find different salads and some side dishes on the menu as well. The service is rudimentary, but friendly.

Count on about €10 per soup, not really cheap, but you will get a generous portion and a healthy meal! Marco Polo is a great newby! The soups are for take away as well.

Marco Polo

Katelijnestraat 29

8000 Brugge

0476/45 33 05

Closed on Wednesday

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