On the terrace of ‘Fort van Beieren’***

With the first spring sun, everybody wants to go out. So yesterday, we jumped on our bikes in order to load up our volume of vitamine D. We had a lunch stop at Fort Van Beieren (Gemeneweidstraat in Koolkerke), a nice place on the outside of town.

The place is an old fortress, dating back from the 18th century. The farmers house has now been rebuild into a restaurant and is also a popular place for horse riding and biking. You can enjoy all the activity sitting on the beautiful large terrace in front of the building.

We orderd a Brugse Zot beer and a sherry and checked out the menu.

You have different snacks to eat like croque monsieur, spaghetti, shrimp croquettes… but also a suggestion board for if your appetite is a bit bigger. You can have steak, vol au vent, scampi, gamba’s, pork filet, … .

We chose the chef gamba’s (order by two persons, €38 for 2) and each got 10 gamba’s to eat, which was a very big portion. The gamba’s were served on a salad with apple and a bowl of french fries on the side. Mayonnaise was not fresh made.

We had some white wine of the house to drink with our meal. The gamba’s were very tasty, well prepared and gave us a sense of summer feeling. We would have rather had the salad on they side, because the hot gamba’s on top kind made it sloppy. And rice would have been a better combination than fries. But be really enjoyed the meal and ended up licking our fingers at the end (also because we had to peal the gamba’s).

We paid €60 for this meal which is really good price/quality. And so we experienced the first terrace of the year, hoping for many more to come….

‘Fort van Beieren’ is the ideal stopping place when you’re out for a walk or biking tour. They also serve icecream, waffles, pancakes in the afternoon. On wednesday, thursday and friday there’s a lunch. You really get your money’s worth here, while getting in a good mood in the sun.

Fort van Beieren

Gemeneweidestraat 51

8000 Brugge (Koolkerke)

050/67 95 86

closed on monday and tuesday

In july and august, open on mondays.

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