Bagels and Sansevierias

A little birdy told us that a new place, called Sanseveria, had opened since May 1st in the Predikherenstraat. This morning, we were looking for a place to have breakfast. It’s was very early, and De Craenenburg on the Markt wasn’t open yet. And so we passed by Sanseveria, which was already open since 8h. Perfect timing to give it a try!

From the outside, the place looks very cosy, with nice big windows and a lot of sansevierias. The house had been empty for a while, and used to be a bakery. The beautiful authentic floor tiles were kept. The whole interior is a blend of vintage and scandinavian design. The former counter was replaced by an old cigar counter, still showing old cigarette advertising plates on it. No cigars sold here, but replaced by croissants, cake and bagels.
The main part of the menu is bagels. With a sweet of savory filling. We choose the breakfast bagel, Leon (€7), with smoked salmon, dille, a scrambled egg and cream cheese. You can chose your kind of bagel: sesam, poppy seed, whole wheat, … . Very tasty and sufficient as a breakfast. A bagel fills the stomach. We drank a coffee, tea and fresh orange juice. All served in nice vintage porcelain. The assortment of tea is limited, mostly fruity tea. I would have liked a black tea with breakfast. The orange juice was also rather expensive (€3 for a very small glass).

On the menu you also have salades and quiches an a wide range of drinks. Sanseveria is open every day from 8-17h, except on sunday. You can also order take-away online.

You don’t see a lot of these places in Bruges. It’s really nice to have young people from Oostend coming to Bruges and trying out such an original concept. You see that they still have to get the hang of it and build up some routine in ordering and serving. But we really had a tasty breakfast in a nice place. Looking forward to trying out the lunch.

Predikherenstraat 11
8000 Brugge
050 34 81 43


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