Grand Cru***(*), grand bouffe

A while ago Grand Cru opened along the Noorweegse Kaai, on a spot where you wouldn’t expect a restaurant. A corner house was thoroughly renovated and the result is a restaurant, decorated in country style with a beautiful open kitchen. The owner previously cooked in the house Ten Ezele, above the real estate agency Acasa on the Oude Zak. The location just outside the centre near the ring is perfect for those traveling by car. Thoroughly renovated is actually an understatement. A completely new section was built with a thatched roof. Within wood dominates the place: flooring, cabinets, tables, chairs, ceiling ….


The tables are strikingly wide, which is no problem because you have enough space here. A sturdy wooden refectory table can handle a large group. Above the table hangs a large chandelier with a pulley on the ceiling.



The richly upholstered menu gives us a dilemma, there are a lot of dishes that we would like to taste. Langoustines with garlic butter, a shrimp cocktail, eel in green sauce, tongue in Madeira sauce, vol au vent, côte à l’os … It’s not easy to make a choice.

Finally we bit the bullet and we chose the shrimp cocktail, fried clams in olive oil, shrimp croquettes, vol au vent, eel in green sauce and stewed meat. At the aperitif we got a small basket of good bread and rillettes of duck. In addition we got a mini serving of mussels that was delicious.













The starters were similar. Traditional preparations, but full of flavour, hard to criticize. We had to wait a while for the main course, four other tables were being served. But these dishes were alike: tasteful, good ingredients and generous portions. Next to each plate came a small jar with a repasse. The dishes are however very generous, you don’t leave the restaurant hungry…

I was the only one who dared to order a dessert. A dame blanche, to stay with the traditional dishes. Two lovely quenelle of vanilla ice cream with two small pots, one with fresh whipped cream and one with hot chocolate. I didn’t really understand what cocopops where doing in my plate, breakfast cereals on a dessert plate, that’s not necessary for me…

The lady who served us was smooth, friendly and hospitable. The young chef in the kitchen still needs some experience, but I’m sure he will find his way. Pretty cool that you can follow everything that is happening in the kitchen, the stove and the grill are very imposing!

There are some things that need refinement, and there’s still a lot of work in the garden, but once finished, this will be a jewel…

We payed €200 for the three of us and got more than enough for that price. Grand Cru gave us a wonderful first impression and since the menu is so extensive, we feel obliged to come again. Even if it is just for a spit-roasted chicken!

Grand Cru

Noorweegse Kaai 5

8000 Brugge


Closed on Sundays.

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