The Jane*****, a chapel full of treats

We admit it, we neglected culinary Bruges for a while… A busy work schedule and other duties are responsible for the little time we could spend on our blog. But we’re planning an catching-up manoeuvre.

Firstly, we had an appointment in Antwerp that we couldn’t skip. The Jane made an impression, that’s for sure. The site of the old military hospital is almost fully renovated. The facades are sandblasted, the apartments occupied, here and there there’s still work in progress. The buildings are impressive and the chapel completes the picture.


Within the enormous chandelier grabs our attention, just like the modern version of the stained glass windows. Where the priest used to take care that water and bread changed into the blood and body of Christ, we now got a little army of chefs with equally impressive cooking skills. Above the kitchen, there’s a neon-lit skull.


The multiplicity of staff immediately catched our eyes. Just like the low seats where we sat on. A little bit higher would have been comfortable, especially if you know that the feast took hours.

There are three choices on the menu. Lunch menu (€65), seven dishes (€85) or eight dishes (€100), you can add an extra dish with lobster and caviar (€35). Wines that are in harmony with the dishes cost €55 for the “essentials” or €75 for the more exclusive version.

We chose for the eight dishes, and the fun part is that the starters come per two on the table, together with a fitting wine. In that way, you have three courses starter, main course and dessert or cheese.

Do we have to say that the succession of the dishes really was impressive? Nicely presented and with a lot of taste, great combinations. We especially remember the scallop, just like the creation with sea-buckthorn, the Simmental beef, the innovative dessert that referred to Apple… It was an experience from the beginning to the end, and we noticed that this is a very light kitchen, that emphasizes on fish, and a pinch of the Eastern kitchen.
























Together with an aperitif and the tea we paid about €165 per person. We were together with good friends, the ladies drank a glass of wine, the guys went for the wine arrangement. If you see what we got for the price, we consider the price not that bad. The impressive interior, the undoubtedly high costs for the workforce, the top ingredients,… everything has to be paid.

Only the wine arrangement was a bit expensive, €55 for four glasses (tasty) wine and a glass of beer with the cheese is maybe a bridge too far. But it was an amazing experience, and that’s the most important!

The Jane

Paradeplein 1

2018 Antwerpen

03/808 44 65

Closed on Mondays and Sundays.

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