Baristro Le Staff**, for a meal without fringes

Right across the V-market in the Sint Pieterszuidstraat you will find Le Staff. A no nonsense restaurant that is only open during the week. There’s a terrace in the front and in the back, and there’s a playground. A lot of people that are working in the neighbourhood are taking lunch here. The lunch is attractively priced, €10,50 for a main course. Because the mussels are only served at night, or on reservation during lunch, we dived into the menu to find something we liked. Everybody will find something he or she loves. Toasts with filet américain or smoked salmon for the aperitif, croque monsieurs, spaghetti or steak, and half a chicken, cheese- and shrimp croquettes.

Marieke went for the shrimp croquettes, Annemieke for the chicken breast and I went for the steak tartare. A lot of people come for the lunch menu, which is also the case this lunch break.

Our plates arrived smoothly, the steak tartare was prepared with little onion slices on top, capers where served separately in a glass. On the side, there was a salad and French fries came on the table in a bowl. Marieke got three shrimp croquettes that were tasty, and she also enjoyed a salad and French fries. Annemieke got a chicken breast that was generously served in a rich sauce with strips of bacon, she got a bowl with croquettes.

Everything was, with no doubt, tasty. In Le Staff you will eat royally for a low price. We paid a bit more than €50 for the three of us, including two Brugse Zotten and a coca cola. Hard to find a deal like that nowadays… Don’t expect crazy stuff, but just decent food, like they used to make it in a lot of families in former times. Ideal for a quick lunch.


Le Staff

Sint Pieterszuidstraat 51

8000 Brugge


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