With a group of colleagues, we recently ended our working day with a visit to Eat Love Pizza in Ghent. I knew that you could fundamentally ruin a pizza, but I didn’t know that you could make him this delicious… Eat Love Pizza is a hit. You notice it even when making a reservation: several … Continued

Breakfast in SHL

  At a party, some friends gave us a gift voucher for a breakfast at SHL (Sweet Home Lunch), a lunch place at the Gistelsesteenweg in Sint Andries. It’s often crowded over there and we tried to make a reservation a couple of times without any success. Last Saturday we were able to reserve a … Continued

THE MESS****, not messy at all!

At the end of last year, in a former military hangar, “De Mess”, a project of Koen’s catering opened. The catering company has been a famous name in Sijsele and the surrounding area for quite a while, and definitely has a lot of experience with serving groups. The project is a hit, last Saturday the … Continued

RE-BELGES, Sans Cravate pop up****

  Sans Cravate is closed, at least for a couple of months, because of drastic renovations and expansions. Luckily, since a couple of years, the “pop-up” idea keeps chef and employees busy during such periods. And it is an excellent opportunity for the chef to try something completely different. That’s why pop-ups are often nice little … Continued

Happy with HAP!

  HAP, situated in “Zilverpand”, is easy accessible. The place is not huge, but definitely cosy. You can choose your own seat at the table, or in a nice little corner in one of the vintage seats. But first you have to order at the bar.

Bagels and Sansevierias

A little birdy told us that a new place, called Sanseveria, had opened since May 1st in the Predikherenstraat. This morning, we were looking for a place to have breakfast. It’s was very early, and De Craenenburg on the Markt wasn’t open yet. And so we passed by Sanseveria, which was already open since 8h. … Continued