Tom’s Diner has been a famous restaurant in Bruges for years. It is remarkable how spacious the restaurant is from the inside. By buying the property next to it, Tom’s Diner could develop a new concept. Nxt Door offers street food in the interior of Lieven Musschoot. And, although it is “next door’, you still enter via Tom’s Diner… It’s a bit disturbing, since you enter via Tom’s diner, but you still have to call another number to make a reservation, and when you surf to nxtdoor.be you arrive at a website of another restaurant. But, we all survived this, and we were kindly welcomed by a young lady that suggested us five seats at the bar.
The interior may be made by an important designer, the lights above the bar still shine annoyingly in your eyes when you’re sitting right in front of your partner. Also the ratio of the chairs in comparison with the bar is not totally correct.

Less annoying is the menu where the suggestion catches our eyes, €30 for three courses is cheap for Bruges, add €10 or €20 and you get a course extra.

The starters are three small bites “according to the inspiration of the chef”, including a escabeche with a tasty fresh sour marinade. The starters are according to the “sharing principle”, you share them with your dining companions. You can choose the main course and dessert from the menu. We chose the lamb burger, pulled pork, homemade fish sticks with taco and lacquered duck with noodles. The red wine was an outstanding Judith Beck from Austria.














Well-balanced, tasty dishes.

My lamb burger could have been a bit larger, but the lacquered duck with noodles was an above average portion, luckily the compassionate Annemieke loves to follow the principle of “sharing is caring”… J















Out of the desserts, we chose rice pudding, nicely served in a Weck bowl, and a delicious cheese cake. Marieke regaled herself on a sashimi of watermelon.

We had a pleasant evening and ate tasty food in a nice restaurant. The waiting time between the different courses could be a bit long, but that probably has something to do with the fact that one kitchen has to serve two businesses, which may not always be easy. Nxt Door was crowded on the evening of the 11th of November. Just like the neighbour’s place by the way.

We paid about €250 for five persons. Two bottles of wine took a big bite out of the bill (€64 for two bottles).

Tom has nice neighbours!

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