De Kromme Watergang*****, the best of the best!

Every year we give each other an extra treat for our birthday. Searching an original place is an experience on itself, and it’s always great when the birthday boy/girl tries to guess the place where we will be going. At the end of July, Annemieke turned one year older, and my eye fell on De Kromme Watergang in the Dutch Slijkplaat (what’s in a name!). There was a possibility to sleepover, so we decided to go on a two-day trip. It was only 30 km away, and the weather was nice, so we biked. A great way to lose the calories we were planning to eat…
Next to the restaurant, there’s a little house that has been renovated as a suite. Three other suites are located in the nearby Breskens. The house has been painted white, has a beautiful bathroom, a sitting area and a little garden. Perfect to take a breath before going to dinner.

The seven course menu was included in our arrangement (€485 for two persons, 2x the menu, overnight stay and breakfast) and we could take an aperitif in the garden close to the pond. The chef swung by to see if there were things that we didn’t like, but we are easy-going customers… Remarkable how quiet and spontaneous the chef was, no supercilious affairs over here.

We were close to the sea and that’s where the chef got its inspiration and ingredients. The appetizer that accompanied the aperitif contained almost only shellfish. We especially liked the couteaux and the oysters.

Within we got a table where we could see the whole restaurant, an ideal place to go through with the feast. The feast started, and we enjoyed every last bit of the refined and tasteful plates we got served. Every plate was remarkably light, you definitely don’t leave this restaurant with a heavy feeling. The matching wines were, after a couple of glasses, maybe the heaviest…






















The service is extremely friendly and helpful, and very complementary. Heavily impressed, we returned to our suite, which was close-by. They really cherish their two Michelinstars!

After a good night’s rest and a refreshing shower, the weather turned out to be beautiful, so we could have our breakfast in the garden of our little house. Exactly at nine o’clock, the doorbell rang and we got a large box containing a solid breakfast.


It was without doubt a good closing of an absolutely wonderful stay. Tasty bread, salmon, different cheeses, eggs, jams, all beautifully presented. We had a great time in the sun, and we felt like we were in another country – which was the case of course. After we walked through the large botanical garden right in front of the restaurant, we jumped back on our bikes to start our way back. Two guests that came by bike to their restaurant was something new for them…

Thanks Kromme Watergang, it was our pleasure. Annemieke, with regard to next year: it’s a tall order! J

De Kromme Watergang

Slijkplaat 6

4513 KK Hoofdplaat (Nl)


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