Floris***, new restaurant in Sint Andries

Turning a painter shop into a restaurant is not done in one two three. Lieven Musschoot arranged a light interior with a lot of white wood and black accents. The chef donated its name to the place, Floris.

The building was fully stripped, and the result is well-done. You immediately notice the large half open kitchen when you enter. In comparison to the rest of the room, the kitchen is huge, by then we didn’t realise yet that there are more tables in the back. Ideal to put a large group there, since they can’t disturb other guests by being too loud.

There’s one suggestion (€49) on the menu and three starters and three main courses. Since the separate courses are included in the suggestion, we didn’t have a hard time choosing. We got two appetizers in the meantime: a little cake with mustard and a couple of slices ham. Together with the aperitif, we got an appetizer with mussels, tasty.

It’s nice that you don’t have to choose a whole wine arrangement. On the wine menu there are some matching wines, available per glass. You can choose by which course you want to have wine. The fact that the prices were changed with a ballpoint looked a bit messy.

The first starter was a tartare of beef with cauliflower and pickles. Roughly sliced meat with a good tasty bite, we loved it. In a little separate pot the chef brought us the preparation of oxtail with egg yolk. A little bit odd in combination with the tartare and it wasn’t on the menu, but the flavours were alright.

We loved the second starter the most, the preparation of plaice, broccoli and zucchini was a hit. A lovely piece of fish and a tasty and frothy sauce, delicious! The cockles were sublime and very savoury.


The main course, black legged chicken with carrots, artichoke and dragon was beautifully presented, but lacked a bit of soul, separately there came a little pot with a preparation of the chicken wings with mushrooms.

As dessert, I chose the cheese. Annemieke got a dessert with apricot, almond ice and basil, but it wasn’t as good as expected. The basil was too dominant, and in the ice the almond wasn’t subtle enough. My cheese plate (supplement €6) with cheese of Van Tricht was a better choice. Beautiful pieces of perfectly ripened cheese with two slices of raisins bread and a lovely chutney of oranges. Although I am convinced that there are good cheese maturers in the neighbourhood…

It caught us attention that the cheese plate next to us was a bit larger. Those guests had eaten à la carte.

We drank a coffee and a tea, and enjoyed the decent orangettes et cuberdons. The little pot with passion fruit, banana and mango was a bonus, but we preferred something chocolaty with the coffee. (yes, we’re difficult customers J )

Although the restaurant was fully-booked, all the courses arrived on time, the staff has everything under control.

We payed €170 for the two us. Annemieke drank one glass of wine with the main course, I enjoyed a glass of wine with all the dishes, except the cheese.

We enjoyed our meal, and we will come back to taste the new menu.

At noon, you can lunch at Floris. For two courses, you will pay €29.

Floris is outside the centre, across the Gistelsesteenweg. With “de Platse” nearby, and the parking lot behind the former city hall, you always will find a spot to park your car.


Gistelse Steenweg 520

8200 Sint Andries

050/73 60 20

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