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Coming back from a holiday, and realizing that some new restaurants and bars just opened: that requires a dance of joy! Nomad is one of the newcomers. On the spot where “De Ravage’ used to be, you will now find a new place with a clean Norwegian design, something that is now very trendy. There’s a covered terrace, and inside they installed a half open kitchen. Nomad has a double meaning. The owners lived in South-Africa for a couple of years and came back to Bruges to take over a biological farm and to start with Nomad. The farm is a regular supplier of biological products. No nomadic life anymore, but No Ordinary Meals And Drinks.

It all looks young, trendy and fresh. We took place on the terrace and examined the menu. The menu is neat and in the same style as the interior. There are different breakfast formulas that are a bit more innovative as the traditional breakfast formulas. Granola and oats are hot, and you can find them here, just like different biological juices. There are different lunch menus, salads and little snacks. There’s also an extensive drinks menu. A nice menu, that was already a good start…

We chose for a kick-start breakfast and the granola, and we got two lovely plates with first class ingredients. Tasty cheese, ditto ham, fresh orange juice and delicious roasted bread next to ciabatta. Annemiekes plate looked tempting with a fine fruit salad and royal portion of Greek yoghurt.














That it was tasty is obvious. Nomad knows what good food is and how you sell it to people. The bill was an unexpected bonus, for €20 we had a yummy breakfast. The lunch looks delicious as well, we would love to taste it someday. That’s possible every day, except on Sunday. At Friday they open until 22h, the other days they close at 18h. On Saturday they open at 8h for the visitors of the market.

Nomad is on a spot where you wouldn’t expect it: next to the student pubs. Let’s hope that the furniture doesn’t have to suffer with the partying youngsters (and older ones)… You get generous portions of good quality and the trendy, relaxing atmosphere works contagious. The staff is capable and friendly, which is of course always good.


’t Zand 12

8000 Brugge

050/73 64 88

Closed on Sunday

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