Vino vino, new style….

Vino Vino in the Grauwwerkersstraat has been an icon in Bruges for years. If you said Vino Vino, you said Rick, the name of the owner. He recently sold his bar and is no longer serving drinks there, and that’s really something to adjust to. For the regular clients who loved to hang out at the bar but also for the occasional visitors. Rick could give everybody the feeling like you knew him for years. Telling a joke, having a little chat, making people laugh and meanwhile doing a very good job at running the bar. Not everybody has those skills.

Since mid april the new owners have started working there. They are not unknown in the restaurantbusiness in Bruges. Achim Vandenbussche and his girlfriend used to run the beer restaurant De Dyver, which has been closed recently. Not a lot has changed in the interior of het bar, there was no need for it. They do have a more extended tapas menu, which is not surprising, knowing that Achim is a chef.
They also have another brewer delivering (Haacht), so the range of beers has changed. Having a Tongerlo from the draft is not such a bad choice. On the menu also a variety of gin, everybody joins the hype. We like gin!

We tried a few dishes form the tapas menu and liked it very much. You have a big assortment of food, from small bites to bigger plates. They are mentioned on little black boards on the table and also bigger boards on the wall. We had fresh made fish and chips with tartare sauce. Also the instantly made mayonnaise was yummy. Served in a cute way on a piece of newspaper. Same good comment on the quality and taste of the fried fresh calamares.

You eat out of nice plates with a Delft blue design, makes the table look very cosy. Also the baked ham with pickles was excellent. Nicely grilled with fresh home made pickled. We wanted some more, but were sensible and slowed down. We still have time to come back another time and taste some more. Next time we will want the ribs and/or the beer cheese croquettes (probably both).

Achim and his girlfriend both do a very good job and have it in them to run the bar well. They have time for a little chat an a laugh, everything running smoothly. That helps to get used to the fact that Rick and Kaatje are no longer there in the Vino Vino.

Vino vino

Grauwwerkersstraat 15

8000 Brugge


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