With a group of colleagues, we recently ended our working day with a visit to Eat Love Pizza in Ghent. I knew that you could fundamentally ruin a pizza, but I didn’t know that you could make him this delicious…

Eat Love Pizza is a hit. You notice it even when making a reservation: several shifts, and most of the time no room to feed the “spontaneous, hungry passers-by”. You should pay attention or you miss the entrance. You will only notice a little heart on the front door, then you have a long hallway, and then you got the restaurant itself with an open pizza kitchen with a spectacular oven. The interior is a mix of smaller and long tables, beautiful & trendy decorated.

The place is wonderful for larger groups, as a couple, you get a bit lost in the tumult. There was a group of friends behind us, and a bunch of teenage girls were celebrating their sweet seventeen. Nevertheless, a very friendly and smooth service. And what you get on your plate, is truly heavenly.

We chose a gin-tonic as aperitif and took some appetizers as well. A freshly-baked focaccia with humus and tzatziki and a little plate of buratta with candied tomato. Super tasty, very nice ingredients. Another fun fact: when your company is small (smaller than 5), you can divide your pizza in 2, so you can choose two sorts of pizza! Because if you get the menu, it’s hard to make a decision. You can choose for a white base (mozzarella) or red base (tomato sauce). There are some traditional pizzas, but some pizzas are definitely more innovative. I chose for a white base with burrata (couldn’t get enough of that stuff!)/parma and arugula, and a red base with a sweet pepper and Sicilian sausage. Colleagues went for pizzas with salmon or pumpkin. Every one of them looked great, the dough was delicious and the toppings are made of top ingredients. We had to make an effort to eat it all, but it was so tasty that we just had to eat it all (a take away box for leftovers is been offered to us spontaneously!) To end the evening, we shared two desserts: waffles in the form of a heart with chocolate, and a tiramisu. Even a piece of the desserts had to go in the take away-box since we were stuffed with food.

Eat Love Pizza is recommended to everybody that loves pizza with a twist. It isn’t a restaurant to spend your evening in a quiet way, it’s quite crowded and as a couple you could feel lost. But it is an ideal place to eat something after a working day, or to eat if you’re planning a night out with some friends.

The bill was ok, you pay 15 – 20 euros for a pizza. With our aperitif/starters/dessert, we had to pay less than 40 euros per person. So that’s decent! They also offer take away, and they have a very beautiful cooking book. Next to this restaurant, there’s another one: Chix Rotisserie, which is definitely on our to do-list!

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