Nous***(*), pour tous!

It used to be an Italian deli, now Nous is a trendy restaurant. They renovated the place and made some serious investments. The bar and the kitchen are in the back, in the front there are some tables, and in another room they made a long bench along the wall. This room is probably the most quiet place of the restaurant. We decided to skip the aperitif and to start with a fine bottle of white wine (Weingut Zull). As addition, we were given a glass with a green olive tapenade and a tapenade of sundried tomatoes. There were also some breadsticks and a small basket of good bread.

No traditional starters on the menu, but small dishes that you can share with your table companions. They don’t arrive at the same time, but one after one. We chose from the menu a plate with gamba, a coconut soup and vitello tonato. Especially the soup – one bowl for everyone – was very tasty.

As main course, Annemieke chose the young turbot with melted fennel and baked potato, I went for the bouillabaisse with rouille and toast. Both dishes were beautifully presented, the soup was poured over the fish at our table and the potatoes came in a separate bowl, just like the garlic bread.


The skin was still attached to the fish, so we had to tinker a bit. The rouille was sprayed on the fish with a piping bag, when mixed with the soup, it might look a bit unappetizing. The soup was very tasty and well spiced, the different types of fish were of good quality and not dry. The same can be said of the fish of Annemieke. Two tasty dishes that digest easily.

FullSizeRender 2


We still could handle a dessert, and choosing was not that difficult at Nous, since there are only three desserts. I chose the crème brûlée and got the crème freshly burned on a plate instead of in the traditional little pot. The crème was served with some meringue and fresh fruit. Meanwhile Annemieke drank a tea.

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We paid about € 140, which is not really cheap if you count that we didn’t drink an aperitif and only ordered one dessert. We payed € 39 for the wine, and turbot is not the cheapest fish. An attractively priced menu would fit into the young smooth kitchen that Nous wants to be and already is. The staff was very friendly. Every afternoon there is a lunch suggestion starting at € 16.5 for the main course.

We can add a nice place in our booklet, that gradually starts to take the form of an encyclopaedia …

Kleine Sint Amandstraat 12

8000 Brugge

050/34 43 20

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